Best $20 I Ever Spent…

There was an art show at the high school, and my favorite piece was painted by a third grader from Vestal Hills.  His name was Dylan W., and he is in Mrs. Adam’s art class.  I emailed her to “negotiate” with his family for me.  I couldn’t just call up a little kid and try to “squeeze” him for some of his art.

I made an offer that he couldn’t refuse.  Actually, I offered him $20 for his painting, through Mrs. Adams, who ran it by his Mom.  He accepted!

I went on Thursday to Vestal Hills, where I found the color scheme to be very recognizable, but the SIZE of the students almost funny.  These kids are tiny, they’re little!

I met Dylan with Mrs. Adams, and he was a nice kid, and we went into the hall to photograph the passing of the art from him to me.  I told him thank you so much, and that this is the “BEST $20 I EVER SPENT”!

He smiled, he was so young it was funny.  Young, but man can this kid paint!