Cheaters Cry

I grew up in Queens, which is part of New York City.  We played a lot of games as kids, mostly with a ball, a stick, popsicle sticks, bottle caps and chalk.  We were poor but we had honor.  If anyone cheated, ever, they always cried.  That was the way in Ozone Park.

You may be tempted to cheat, copy, plagiarize, etc.  If I catch you, I will speak to your parents about it.  I might include the Assistant Principal or even the Principal.  When meetings like this occur, and I have to layout details, evidence, etc., students tend to cry.

It’s a good lesson to learn when you’re younger, but if you haven’t learned it yet, it’s a lesson you need.

If you are struggling, tell me and I can help.  If you do poorly because you don’t study well, let me make suggestions.  Once you decide to take matters into your own hands, and show personal disrespect, and disrespect for the school and for your teacher, you will learn your lesson the hard way.