Copying from the internet is cheating.

I read stuff in lab reports that often makes NO sense to me.  Not to some of you either, but at least I know it was junk.  Some of you will be tempted to copy from the google machine and used that junk as your own work.

Plagairism is cheating.  You will not find success this way.  You will find that you will get a ZERO grade for the lab, with no chance to fix it.  That stinks.  Getting a ZERO grade for cheating is what you would deserve too.  When you cheat, you cry.

It’s too bad that some cheaters slip by me ever, but I can’t catch everyone.  I will be ever vigilant.  Being a good cheater is not much to be happy about.  I will catch you too.


You must do your own work.  You can ask me for help, you can use for help, you can even ask your friends for help, if you put that all into your own words.

When you copy, and I catch you, that’s called cheating.