What is Chemistry?

This is the introductory course to matter: what is it, how does it act and react with other matter, and why doesn’t it react sometimes? Regents Chemistry provides you with a practical and useful overview of the elements, the compounds they bond into, and a review of some science history, development of ideas that fit new data, There is lots of math, but I will help you with that.  There is little memorizing, but lots of thinking.

This course requires a lot of practice.  It seems simple, but you have to do the work.

If you are really smart, and many of you are, this is not complete protection from chemistry.  You will still have to practice, do the lab reports, measure carefully, etc.

Chemistry is the best class that you have ever taken at Vestal.  It’s the easiest to pass, but the hardest to do very well in.  There are many details, and many exceptions, and many similarities.  And lots of vocabulary words.

This is a challenging course, but I am psyched and I am even pretty good at teaching this to you.  If you do your part you will find a lot of success.

On the bad days, when you do worse that you wanted to, you will be learning different lessons.  I don’t make this course hard.  It has inherent complexity, and it demands that you study and practice often to keep track of the many parts.  Nearly every concept and formula is easy, but there are over 700 easy things to keep track of.

And you have to read the BASICS, and hand in work on time.  This is like a big baseball team.  I run the drills, you go out and “play” during the celebrations and the quizzes, and show off how much you have learned on lab reports.