The Periodic Table in the Stairs – Retro Video Inside!

I cannot tell you how proud I am of all of my former students.  The work they did, the trust they put into me when I asked them to believe that this would be good, and it is.  Thank you all for working so hard, for being careful, helping each other, and backing each other up, and for being so happy about it all.
My students worked later, after school, during their lunch periods, and so many of them (and a few teachers) did all of the artwork.  Thanks to the high school for paying for it all too!
If you are a newer student, you should read the glass incased poster under the Periodic Table, there is lots of good stuff there – that you will see in your BASICS, get a little ahead.  Plus, all 118 elements are now named, we’re way ahead of the NYS Reference tables!