How to Figure Out Your Final Grade

In our school there are only 5 grades that matter, your four Report Card Grades and your Regents Exam Score.
Your final grade for the course is determined by adding up the five grades and
then dividing by 5, and rounding the the nearest whole number.
You already know your first 3 grades and you have a grade for 4th Q now
(it’s incomplete but you can still use it), and your Regents Exam score is obviously still in the future.
But if you wanted say, an 85% as a final grade (not too shabby), you would need a total of 85 points X 5 = 425 total points for the year.
Do this math:  425 − (1Q + 2Q + 3Q + 4Q) = some number.
That is the grade you MUST get on the regents to earn an 85% final grade,
unless you boost up your 4th Q grade now.
Some of you will need to look at the just squeezing by score,
which means a 65% average.
65 X 5 = 325 total points to pass chemistry.  
Do this math:  325 − (1Q + 2Q + 3Q + 4Q) = some number.  
That is the grade you MUST get on the regents exam to pass the class.  
Trust me, it’s way easier to make your 4th Q grade bigger,
than to make plans on crushing the regents exam.