This is due immediately:  Student info form (card stock) and our signed agreement concerning your cell phone and ear buds.
Measurement HW’s are due soon, and will be collected in the inbox in our classroom.  On time and perfect gets full credit, late and perfect gets deductions.  Late and imperfect means you are not doing things right.
You are expected to READ the BASICS with your eyes and without distraction.  If you do, you will learn a lot.  If you don’t, well, that’s bad. Bad is not good. (that’s important, remember that)
You will do your own work always.  If you copy, that’s cheating, and that’s bad.  Bad is not good (it’s important and it comes up frequently too).
Cheaters cry.  Cheaters get zero for a grade.  Cheaters do not fit well in our class.  If you think you can cheat, that’s bad, and bad is not good.  You may fool me once or even twice, but I will catch on and you will cry.  It’s always the same and that’s good.  Do your own work and you will learn.  Copy someone else’s work and both of you will cry.
I am so happy to have you in my class, we’ll get along fine if you work hard, be a good person, act nice to each other and try your best.  Let’s have fun in class too, fun makes the chemistry easy, and that’s good.

1st Day Handout 2023-2024
MEASUREMENT SLIDE SHOW (guides us through the notes)
MEASUREMENT BASICS –  Required Reading

ZOOM #1 – for notes 1 – 17
ZOOM #2 – for notes 18 – 40
ZOOM #3 – for notes 41 – 53
ZOOM #4 – for notes 54 – 67
ZOOM #5 – for notes 68 – 74
ZOOM #6 – for notes 75 – 100
ZOOM #7 – for notes 101 – 111 (review)

Measurement Class Periods

1.  Day One Intro
2.  Measurement #1- Percent Error and Density
3.  Measurement Lab A
4.  Measurement Lab B
5.  Measurement #2 – Temperature, % Error, Density
6.  Measurement #3 Sig Figs
7.  Measuring Activity
8.  Temperature Lab A
9.  Temperature Lab B
10.  Measurement #4 Dimensional Analysis
11.  Measurement #5 Scientific Notation
12.  Density Penny Lab A
13.  we never have a 13!
14.  Density Penny Lab B
15.  Review – Practice
16.  Measurement Celebration of Knowledge