Periodic Table

Read the Periodic Table Basics ASAP

MgSO4 Lab, Dorito’s Thermochemistry Lab,
and the Gas Lab Due by Friday for full credit

A life changing day for you: Thursday we do the Periodic Table Puzzle.  
The directions include no throwing of equipment and no crying.  Get ready!

Puzzle Handout Due by Fri Feb 2 (for full credit)

Periodic Table HW #1 through 4 due by Thurs Feb 8 (for full credit)

Trends Handout due Thurs Feb 8 (for full credit)

Periodic Table Celebration is on Tuesday Feb 13

Fix your Reference Tables:  Get a new one, watch this slide show.

Periodic Table Basics

Periodic Table Slideshow

Periodic Table Notes

Periodic Table Homework Assignments

Trends Handout

Periodic Table PUZZLE Puzzle Slides to begin

Periodic Table “I CAN” worksheet

Answers for Periodic Table “I CAN” worksheet

PT – Slide Show Q & Answers – Class Review or Personal Practice for Celebration

Trends Celebration Review of Trends Slides

Class 1 Zoom – Notes #1 to 29

Class 2 Zoom – Notes #30 to #42

Class 3 Zoom – Notes #43 to #78

Class 4 Zoom – Notes #79 – #85

DmitriMendeleevDemetri Mendeleev, Father of the Periodic Table