T-2 and T-3 are now over due

T-1, T-4 & T-5 HW’s by Thursday 1-11

“C of Cu” Lab due by Tuesday 1-9

Thermochem Celebration of Knowledge on Fri 1-12

Doritos Lab due by Monday 1-15

This is a really interesting part of our course.  We’ll need to learn some factual information, about energy and energy units, converting from one unit to another, but then it’s really easy.  We will see that it takes a certain amount of energy to melt one gram of ice, and it takes exactly twice as much energy to melt two grams.  A really cool thing is that to freeze one gram of water into solid ice at the melting point requires you to REMOVE this same amount of energy.  The energy in to melt = the energy out to freeze.

To warm up water takes a different amount of energy (much less per gram).  The math looks crazy, but if you can think a bit to decide if something is melting or already liquid then it’s easy enough to follow the formulas.

We’ll see the connection between food Calories and science energy units.  We’ll learn the math behind why you would always step in a puddle on a hot day rather than stand barefoot on a manhole cover, and why frying pans are made of metals and not nonmetals.

Thermochem Basics
Thermochem Slideshow
Thermochem Notes
Doritos Lab
C of Cu Lab – Specific Heat of Copper
Thermochem Homeworks
25 Regents Problems Handout
25 Regents Problems Slideshow (with answers)
12 Walk Around The Room Thermo Problems
Answers to the 12 Walk Around The Room Thermo Problems
Thermochem Practice Q & A (good before Celebrations)


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