Kinetics and Equilibrium

Solutions HW#1 – #4 due by Tues 3-19
CO2 Lab due on Wed Mar 20
Solutions Lab due on Tues Mar 26

Water & Solutions Celebration Fri 3-22

Spring Break from Friday 3-29 until Monday April 8 (eclipse day)

End of the 3rd Quarter is Thursday 4/12

Your homework over spring break is this:  buy this book.  They will run out at Barnes and Noble, then you will wait, so try to get it NOW.  Order it too.  Get the RED BOOK, not the blue one.  If this cost is too much, please tell me privately, I will make sure you get one.  If you happen to be especially well off (good for you) and you might be able to buy a second red book, you can give it to your teacher to share.  There is NO obligation to do this of course

Kinetics Basics

Kinetics Slideshow

Kinetics Notes

Kinetics HW  

Kinetics NEED TO KNOW handout

Clock Lab

Kinetics I CAN do these problems handout

Kinetics I CAN Answers

Great Old slide show detailing Potential Energy Diagrams

Kinetics Practice Test with Answers (2017)