Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions HW 3, 4, 5 due by FRIDAY 12-1
SR/DR handout due by Wed 11-29
Table F handout due by Wed 11-29
Reactions Lab due by Thurs 11-30

Mon 12-4  Chemical Reactions – Celebration

Chemical Reactions Basics

Chemical Reactions Slideshow

Chemical Reactions Notes

Chemical Reactions Homework Assignments

Balancing Drill #2b – Practice with Balancing Equations

Synthesis – Decomp Balancing Practice Handout

SR & DR Balancing Practice Handout  –  Answers (a long slow but good PowerPoint)

Balancing Equations Handout # 1  –   #1 Answers

Table F Practice Handout  –  Table F Answers

Balancing Equations Handout # 2 with Answers

Chemical Reactions Lab  – Wall Signs for Lab  – Slides for Lab

Precipitates Lab – DR –  Precipitate Lab Data Slides

Balancing Drill 2 (7 set ups, you balance, then check)

Great Review:  Round Robin Slides 20 Questions

Review Slide show for Balancing Equations

Round Robin Cards for In Class Review –  Round Robin Answer Blanks

Naming Compounds/Balancing Game and Cards

Practice Celebration for Chemical Reactions  –  Practice Celebration Answers

Flash Cards to Learn Chemical Reactions

Reactions Class #1 Zoom – Synthesis Reactions

Reactions Class #2 Zoom – Decomposition Reactions

Reactions Class #3 Zoom – Single Replacement Reactions

Reactions Class #4 Zoom – Double Replacement Reactions

Reactions Class #5 Zoom – Combustion Reactions

Reactions HW#2 (SR) Answers/Zoom